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Is drinking green juice in the morning healthy?

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If you are familiar with the trends in the fitness realm, you must have heard about green juices! The hype around green leafy vegetables is real! Whether it’s the sudden increase in awareness in the past few years or someone trying to lose weight, green juice has found its place in most kitchens these days. But is it worth it? Or is it another over-hyped trend?

Get ready to know if starting your day with a green concoction is healthy for you or not! Health Shots got in touch with nutritionist Ruchi Sharma, founder of Eatfitrepat, to know all about it.

green juice
Is drinking green juice in the morning healthy? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Should you start your day with green juice?

One of the biggest health and wellness trends today, green juice is touted as a great drink to start your day with. Even Sharma is all for the drink. She shares, “Green veggies either leafy or non-leafy are naturally occurring nutrient-dense food options. So, it’s definitely a good idea to kick start your day with a glass of greens blended together. Since your body is naturally more acidic in the morning, starting your day with a glass of greens helps balance the pH and keep you energized for a long time.”

“The green juice is amazing for a number of right reasons that include, reduced inflammation, alkalizing effect, improved digestion, higher bioavailability, system detoxification, strengthened immune system and much more.”

Benefits of green juice

The nutritionist lists down the reasons why you should include green juice in your diet:

1. Reduces inflammation

Chronic inflammation in the body, either external or internal, often leads to chronic illnesses if not treated properly. However, starting your day with greens can help settle down the inflammation in the best possible manner. It will also help your body perform better by helping your organs function optimally, which helps maintain your health in the longer run.

Green juice benefits
Green juice may reduce inflammation. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Improves digestion

As per ongoing scientific research, green juice has been purported to have probiotic properties. Probiotics are also known as good bacteria that help with the digestion process in our gut.

3. Increases energy levels

Regular intake of fresh green juice on an empty stomach helps keep you energized throughout the day. It also uplifts your mood. Owing to the variety of nutrients, vitamins and phytonutrients, green juice helps keep several illnesses and premature aging at bay.

4. Makes your skin glow

The gut healing properties of green juice coupled with better hydration help clear and detoxify your body cells, which in turn help you have better skin.

Side effects of green juice

Even though green juice offers a plethora of health benefits and helps increase your intake of nutrients, there are some drawbacks that you need to know. Sharma explains that green juice barely has any side effects, but even one component can sometimes trigger problems. “Green juice is highly concentrated in oxalates and increased consumption of oxalates leads to negative health effects, especially on kidneys.”

Who should avoid drinking green juice in the morning?

Often marketed as a one-healing juice for all, but as we know nothing is one size fits all! You have to be careful with certain foods if you suffer from an underlying disease. As per the expert, people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or any other kidney problem should avoid drinking green juice every day. It contains high oxalate content, which can be harmful to people with kidney problems.

Also, people with diabetes should steer clear of these juices as it doesn’t help them. Sharma says that these juices are normally low in fiber and protein: two of the most important nutrients that help control blood sugar levels. In other words, green juice is probably not the best choice for diabetics. She recommends eating whole vegetables for a person suffering from diabetes.

green juice for diabetics
Is green juice healthy for diabetics? Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Green juice recipes from the nutritionist’s kitchen

The expert shared some easy-to-make, delicious recipes that you can prepare in a jiffy:

Recipe 1: Put kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, green apple and a small piece of cucumber in a juicer with some water. Bled it well and drink it. You can also add some honey for sweetness.

Recipe 2: A mix of spirulina, moringa, wheatgrass, tulsi, neem and lemon juice is one of the greatest green juice recipes.

Recipe 3: Blend spinach, cucumber, kiwi, moringa and a bit of coconut water together and have it as your healthy, fresh green juice.