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What Is The World's Largest First Class Lounge?

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Emirates is known for its large aircraft (eg, the A380), a significant route structure, and the largest first-class lounge anywhere. Yes, they even capture the market when it comes to pre-flight comfort.

You’ll find their lounges in international airports across six continents, but the granddaddy of them all is its A380 hub in Dubai. Here, you will find their First-Class lounge, which touts being the largest one of its type anywhere on the planet. Here is a sneak peek at what it is all about.

A Lounge like no other

Like the A380s, it flies; Emirates’ first-class lounge is a behemoth. It covers more than 100,000 feet and is one of the world’s biggest lounges, especially when yt can seat over 600 guests at once. Because of the nature of Emirates’ flight schedule, the lounge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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There are over 600 seats in this massive louge at Dubai’s Concourse A. Photo: Emirates.

The way to first class service

The lounge is something to see, but you must find it first. Emirates has three first class lounges at Dubai Airport, though the most impressive one is in Concourse A. It covers the entirety of the upper concourse space except for an open atrium area.

To access it, First-Class passengers would check in their baggage via a designated Premium check-in area set apart for Business and first-class passengers. Then, they need to take an inter-terminal train to the concourse area and go up to the lounge area.

Getting Access requires that you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Emirates first class passengers
  • Emirates Skywards Platinum members
  • Emirates business class passengers can buy access for USD 150 ($125 if they are Skywards members).
  • Emirates economy class passengers may enjoy the lounge for USD 300 ($250 if they are Skywards members).

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Service is a key part of the lounge experience. Photo: Emirates

As mentioned, this lounge is massive! Since it covers the expanse of an entire concourse, it also requires some navigational aids of sorts. For this purpose, the airline has strategically placed maps throughout the lounge to guide passengers to different amenity areas.

The entrance to the lounge is at the midway point of Concourse A. Looking one way, you will find gates A1-12, and in the other direction are gates A13-24. Lounge visitors enjoy special aircraft access areas allowing them to board their flight directly from the lounge. Just like the main concourse area below, the lounge offers 24 gates. Each boarding area is where an attendant will scan a person’s boarding pass and then directs them to an elevator that takes the passenger directly down to the jet bridge.

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Fine wine is part of the large loug experience at Dubai. Photo: Emirates.

Eat, drink and be merry

The First-Class lounge offers an abundance of food and drink options. There are several self-serve food and drink stations throughout the floor. Food choices include cold appetizers and desserts. Beverage stations feature coffee, soft drinks, juices, and a selection of wine.

Wine connoisseurs will notice that Emirates favors Moet champagne but also offer leftover bottles of wine from its inflight service. Once onboard their flight, passengers will find an impressive portfolio of premium selections thanks to Emirates’ investment of more than half a billion dollars in its wine program. Even before flying, travelers may choose to visit the lounge’s Close Wine Cellar where experts will provide guidance on choosing the wine of their choice.

If a full sit-down meal is more to your liking, there’s one main restaurant area that has both a buffet and a la carte dining. Some dinner menu items include ribs, salmon, and Mediterranean dishes.

For those passengers who enjoy and after-dinner cigars, the lounge’s cigar bar may be a good option. Whatever amenities passengers choose while awaiting their flight in Dubai, the Emirates First-Class lounge offers everything on a grand scale., which may explain why it’s the largest such lounge in the world.