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Pam Grier to visit Wexner Center for the Arts for 'Foxy Brown' screening

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Film icon Pam Grier will visit the Wexner Center for the Arts on Nov. 10

Film icon Pam Grier has one piece of advice for people who have never seen her movies.

“They should drink first,” she said, laughing.

The advice was not a judgment of the content, but more about wanting people to have a good time.

However, her greater impact on audiences as one of the first female action stars is not lost on her.

“I prepared them to accept a woman in leadership, who could be a jungle guerilla with a gun and fight wars — just things I hadn’t seen,” said Grier, 73, who burst on the scene during the 1970s Blaxploitation era. “I was concerned with trying to make men feel comfortable with women who can handle saws and drills and guns. We want to crash cars into buildings, which is what I got to do. And women cheered.”