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Optica Quantum Industry Summit at iXblue, Groupe Gorgé Company

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The first annual event for leaders in quantum

WASHINGTON – The Optica Quantum Industry Summit will be held 08-09 November 2022 at iXblue in Saint-Germaine en Lay, France. The Optica Industry Summit will feature panel presentations, in-person networking opportunities, and external company visits and tours.

The event will address four main application areas in which a paradigm shift is expected: quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum computing, and quantum imaging.

Session 1-Photonic Quantum Computing

Photonic quantum computers are dramatically different from other quantum computing approaches and create several challenges to system engineering. This session will focus on the novel character, including fast feed forward electronics essential to controlling flying qubits and their interactions along with the creation of novel quantum sources of light and single photon detectors.


Session 2-Quantum Computing with Ions and Superconductors

Non-photonic quantum computers rely heavily on photonic technology from their control systems to lasers, microwave component technology, and lithographic tools. This session will explore the component technology required for these systems and some of the application space that quantum computing technologies will enable.


  • Chris Ballance, Co-Founder, Oxord Ionics
  • Jungsang Kim, CTO, IonQ
  • Sabrina Maniscalo, CEO, Algorithmic
  • Thomas Monz, CEO, AQT
  • Marten Arthers, Design Team Lead, QuantWare

Session 3-Quantum Sensing

One of the most advanced areas is quantum sensing, which must displace already cheap and ubiquitous sensing technology. This technology is enabled by state-of-the-art lasers and optical technology that manipulates everything from spins in diamonds to electrons in Rydberg atoms. This session will describe some of the essential needs and requirements for quantum sensors to displace existing technology.


  • David Anderson, CEO, Rydberg Technologies
  • Gopalakrishnan Balasubram, Co-Founder and CEO, XeedQ
  • Bruno Desruelle, Managing Director, iXblue (formerly MuQuans)
  • Mark Mattingley-Scott, CEO, Quantum Brilliance
  • Román Orús, CSO and Co-Founder, Multiverse Computing
  • Mathieu Munsch, CEO, Qnami

Session 4-Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Internet

Quantum communications, just like modern classical communications, will be based on photonic technology. Session 4 will describe current capabilities, such as quantum key distribution and discuss the future technologies that will be needed to build extended quantum networks that may eventually lead to the quantum-enabled internet. These systems require state-of-the-art classical communication technology, quantum sources of light, single-photon detectors, and novel devices such as quantum repeaters and quantum memory.


  • Tomasso Occhipinti, CEO, QTI
  • Simone Capeleto, CEO, ThinkQuantum
  • Vanessa Diaz, CEO, LUXQUANTA
  • Ulrich Eismann, CEO, KEEQuant
  • Michele Mosca, CEO, EvolutionQ
  • Mael Flament, Co-Founder and CTO, Qunnect
  • Jerome Prieur, President & CEO, AUREA

Session 5-Quantum Devices and Other Systems

The last session will bring some final pieces of the quantum ecosystem together by touching on technologies for manipulating and controlling quantum systems and alternative approaches for providing security in the age of quantum computers.


  • Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO, Pasqal
  • Valtteri Lahtinen, CSO, Quanscient
  • Andre Carvalho, Head of Quantum Control Solutions, Q-CTRL
  • Carlos Abellan, Co-Founder and CEO, QuSide
  • Adreas Abt, CTO, Q.Ant
  • Tom Darras, CEO, WeLinQ
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