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New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies and TV Shows Coming in October 2022

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October is known for its thrills and chills, ushering in horror movies galore as the nights grow longer and Halloween approaches. Some of these spooky movies crossover into the realm of science fiction and fantasy, with sci-fi thrillers and spooky family-friendly entries to delight genre fans of the season. This October includes thrillers like Slash/Back and Significant Other that drop aliens into traditional horror settings alongside comedies like The Loneliest Boy in the World and Wendell & Wild that turn zombies and demons into feel-good rom-coms and coming-of-age animation.

This month will also see the release of more standard genre fare. Guardians of Time and The School for Good and Evil deal with traditional fantasy tropes, from fantastical realms hidden inside a mysterious house to the magical school. The DC Extended Universe will also release black adam this October, ensuring there are more superhero stories for the more comic-inclined genre fan. Here’s everything that science fiction and fantasy fans should be on the lookout for this October.

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Find Scares and Sci-Fi in Significant Other

When a young couple goes backpacking deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, their love will not be enough to save them. Significant Other focuses on Ruth, who seems to have survived an accident as the movie begins. As she refuses to recount what happened, it seems like she may be hiding an even more important — and dangerous — secret. Significant Other appears like a traditional horror/ thriller, and the dark forest is the perfect setting for a host of scares. However, there’s something more fantastical at the heart of the movie, and not all of Ruth’s secrets may be as mundane as murder.

Significant Other premieres Oct. 7 on Paramount+.

Guardians of Time Delivers Classic Fantasy

Guardians of Time presents a classic fantasy tale: four kids who find a magical world hiding in their house end up lost in this new land. Together they must find a way back to their home and maybe find more of themselves along the way. In a setting very reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons — complete with castles and ruins and the fire-breathing beasts — the movie doesn’t look like it’s treading any new ground. For genre fans eager to see all the things that made them fall in love with fantasy in the first place, however, Guardians of Time will be right up their alley.

Guardians of Time premieres on DVD, digital, and on-demand Oct. 11.

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The Loneliest Boy in the World Shows Off a Zombie Rom-Com

Bringing zombies into the world of romantic comedies is no small feat — skin sloughing and decomposition aren’t always a tonal match for love and laughter, after all. The Loneliest Boy in the World bridges the genres by following Oliver, a young man so eager to make friends that he digs them up. With a make-shift family of the undead, Oliver must find a way to keep his secret safe while courting a woman, leading to adventure and sitcom escapades sure to bring a smile this season. The Loneliest Boy in the World puts a zombie spin on fairytales and gives a little fantasy zhuzh to the traditional Halloween zombie story.

The Loneliest Boy in the World premieres on digital Oct. 18.

Learn Magic at The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil adapts the bestselling book series centered on the institution where all the heroes and villains of fairytales began. When two best friends join the school, they find themselves pulled in different directions by the freedom and power the different sides offer. The resulting strife will test their bond, and the future of the school and the magical world will surely hang in the balance. Viewers eager for a fairytale story that dives into magic will find The School for Good and Evil an excellent addition to October’s fare. Though the movie has its share of horrifying evil, The School for Good and Evil is much more of a standard fantasy story and a must-watch for genre fans.

The School for Good and Evil comes to Netflix Oct. 19.

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Black Adam Brings the DCEU Back to Theaters

The DC Extended Universe grows larger this month with the release of black adam. Starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular “hero,” the movie follows Black Adam after he gains the power of the gods and gets imprisoned for enacting revenge. After thousands of years, Black Adam finds himself free and ready to dole out his justice once again. Members of the Justice Society step up to challenge Black Adam’s actions, ensuring not only a slew of comic characters but also intense action set pieces and epic super-powered fights. For fans of the superhero genre, black adam looks like it’ll be one of the best DCEU entries and a fun watch.

Black Adam opens in theaters Oct. 21.

Hunt Aliens in Slash/Back

In Slash/Back, the feature debut from Nyla Innuksuk, a group of girls from Pangnirtung, located deep in the Arctic, are ready to enjoy a standard summer when aliens invade. Forced to use hunting skills and horror movie know-how to fight otherworldly targets, the girls from Pang are out to show the aliens — and the world — that they’re so much more than everyone expects. Slash/Back flips many sci-fi and horror tropes on their heads by centering and empowering Indigenous cast, creatives and locations. Pang being in the Arctic also ensures that these girls will be hunting down aliens during 24-hour daylight, shining a light on events often hidden in the dark. Slash/Back is sure to leave a mark on the horror/sci-fi genre combo and will be a must-watch for this spooky season.

Catch Slash/Back in theaters, VOD, and digital starting Oct. 21.

Wendell & Wild Serves Up Stunning Demonic Vibes

From Henry Selick, who brought viewers The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coralineand visionary Jordan Peele comes the devilish Wendell & Wild. The stop-motion movie blends horror and comedy in a story about a young girl and her two demons, the titular Wendell and Wild. As the demonic brothers try to make their way into the world of the living, the young girl must confront her past to find a future for herself. With an all-star cast, including Peele and Keegan-Michael Key collaborating as Wendell and Wild, and a rich aesthetic, Wendell & Wild will surely be a draw for fans of the stop-motion style and anyone looking for a spooky take on the supernatural.

Catch Wendell & Wild Oct. 28 on Netflix.