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Musician to Musician: Flo Petite | arts & entertainment

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Hailing from Hagerstown, Flo Petite took the next step in her musical journey over the summer as she set out by herself and toured parts of the country for the first time. There were so many good things she encountered (the people, the music), and at least one brush with death that sounds scary as hell (more on that later). Through it all, she’s getting ready to ramp up her commitment to music again as she graduates college in the spring. Here, she opens up about touring, her writing process, why she wants to dabble in concept records and what it’s been like to redeem her 20-year-old self. For more on her music, check out

I see your name everywhere. However, at least I see you’re playing a lot. And when I was thinking of this series, I thought, “Well, gosh darn it, I haven’t talked to you in however long,” I want to start there. Was this summer the summer of touring for you?

On December 4th, I had the pleasure of playing a couple songs for the ONLe ViBez crew.

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