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Kingston, Ont. high school students volunteer time to teach younger generation - Kingston

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Bayridge Secondary School computer science students took to the front of the classroom on Wednesday, leading a training seminar for Bayridge Public School’s Grade 6 and 7 classes on computer science.

“I think computer science is the way of the future,” says Bayridge SS student Kai Mildenberger. “Every industry has a bit of computers, whether that be accounting or just general business.”

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Mildenberger is one of 65 computer specialist program students from the high school that are volunteering their time to help LDSB students prepare for an upcoming computer science contest.

“It’s very important because it’s in our everyday lives. Like our phones, they use computer science,” he says. “Even at a young age, computer science is important. Just, it can help you have some great connections.”

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The Bayridge SS students are helping at least 1,000 students at nine schools prep for the computer quiz — something students are getting excited about.

“I do enjoy this type of stuff, I do enjoy doing math,” says Grade 7 student Prayu Sighimire. “I also do coding at home sometimes.”

Computer Science teacher John Swaine says the subject has changed a lot since he was in high school, becoming a lot more important in all avenues of career and life.

“These days, it’s really hard to name a profession that doesn’t involve technology or computers in some way,” Swaine says. “So having some sort of base knowledge of what computers are, how they work, I think it’s really fundamental for the next generation to have that.”

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And students are showing a keen interest, too.

“Computer coding is always fun to learn about and you can use it in daily life,” says Sighimire. “Also, it helps in jobs if you want to be a computer programmer when you’re older, it can help.”

The student-teachers from Bayridge SS are also taking away lessons in leadership and patience, while assisting the next generation.

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