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Jimmy Page Went to Art School for the Visual Arts but Spent Most of His Time Playing Guitar

Before he became an international rock star with Led Zeppelin, guitarist Jimmy Page played guitar in a band called Neil Christian & the Crusaders. However, Page became sick while playing with Neil Christian & the Crusaders and decided to quit the band to enroll in art school. According to Bob Spitz’s 2021 biography Led Zeppelin: The Biographyart school gave Page a break from touring, but he spend a great deal of time still playing guitar.

A black-and-white photo of Jimmy Page playing guitar onstage
Jimmy Page | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Jimmy Page leaves Neil Christian & the Crusaders to enroll in art school

As a teenager, Page joined the band Neil Christian & the Crusaders, and he toured extensively with the group. Because of the lackluster touring conditions, Page became sick with mononucleosis and had to take a break from performing.