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BTMIN digital currency exchange operates legally and compliantly and successfully obtained dual licenses in the United States and Canada

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SINGAPORE, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BTMIN Global Digital Exchange has successfully obtained dual MSB licenses in the United States and Canada. The MSB (Money Services Business) license in the United States is a financial license supervised and issued by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the US Department of the Treasury. The main objects of supervision are Money service related businesses and companies. The scope includes international remittance, foreign exchange, currency transaction/transfer (including digital currency/virtual currency) and other businesses.

At present, the MSB financial license submitted by BTMIN to FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the US Treasury Department) has been approved and officially obtained the MSB financial license. This approval means that BTMIN Exchange can carry out legal and compliant digital currency transactions in 50 local states in the United Statesand promote the development of contract derivatives.

Companies engaged in the above-mentioned related businesses in the United States must apply for an MSB license in order to operate legally. At present, BTMIN exchange has obtained the MSB financial license, which means that the prelude to the globalization of BTMIN exchange has officially started. First of all, let’s understand the role of this MSB license; firstly, you can legally carry out currency trading and fiat currency trading business, secondly, increase the reputation of the exchange to make investors more confident, and the most important point is to prove that the exchange is operating legally and compliantly, avoid risk.

We look forward to bringing you a safer and smoother contract trading experience.

BTMIN Exchange is a professional blockchain derivatives trading platform that adheres to global compliance operations. It has opened up a new pattern of digital asset trading platforms through strong technical support, comprehensive ecosystem construction and a complete digital asset income system. In terms of market, through the globalized market layout and abundant market resources, it has reached strategic cooperation with dozens of countries around the world. At the same time, it provides users with all-weather professional services to solve users’ confusion in asset management at any time, which is widely recognized by the community at home and abroad.

After successfully obtaining the MSB dual license, BTMIN Exchange said: “The government places compliance and security operations as the most important links, and will continue to promote global compliance operations in the future. For BTMIN Exchange, the dual MSB license is an important A good start, in the future, BTMIN exchange will continue to bring more surprises to users!”

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