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9 Most Chilling Movies & TV Shows About Charles Manson

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This year, the TV series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has made headlines on Netflix. many have praised the depiction of the serial killer, but not everyone is happy. One such person is the original case reporter who has come out to criticize the show’s inaccuracies. Like many other shows, this isn’t the first time inaccuracies in a serial killer TV series have been criticized, and it will not be the last.

Serial killers have always been something of intrigue. Despite not killing anyone, Charles Manson has obtained the title of serial killer due to his influence on his followers, which resulted is several murders. Even (or especially) after he died in 2017, plenty of documentaries, movies, and TV shows about him have been released.


Manson (1973)

There is a vast number of serial killer documentary films that get right into detail about the killer and their crimes. Like the other intriguing serial killers, Charles Manson has had a few movies made about him over the years, the earliest one dating back to 1973.

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As one of the first documentary films about him, the Manson 1973 documentary was a hit upon its release due to how in-depth this film gets. The film goes into detail about the amount of how much the trial would end up costing, the murders, showing interviews from the family, and scenes from Charles Manson’s trial. Seeing the man who orchestrated the killings certainly made an impression on those who viewed it, as well as seeing just how brainwashed the family was due to him.

The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder: Charles Manson (1981)

There are a vast number of TV series available to viewers about serial killers, and, ideally, ones focusing on real-life events should keep the story accurate. mindhunter showcases several realistic killers, Manson being one of them. But there is nothing more accurate than hearing the man himself speak.

In 1981 Tom Snyder visited Manson in prison to get an interview. Manson answers questions upfront or provides a description of events or things that were said rather than giving a straight answer to the question. What people who have watched this is how Manson portrayed himself, how intelligent interests he was, and how persuasive he could sound. It’s a good example of why so many people found him so interesting.

The Manson Family (1997)

There are many documentaries available that share interviews with Manson, but some, like The Manson Family, use dramatizations to show audiences key moments in the man’s life. These have become increasingly popular over time, and in 1997, one of the best serial killer movies fans of Dahmer should watch was released.

The Manson Family is the dramatization of the horrific events involving Manson, his followers, and the murders. The unique film is made up of eight home movies that are a cross between documentary and retelling. The film is graphic and bloody and includes sexual content, nudity, and other content that could be considered disturbing to some. He was praised for his creativity, intense depictions, and graphic nature while also praising the acting and the portrayal of Charles Manson in the film.

House of Manson (2014)

There is no denying that serial killers are one of the most popular topics regarding anything crime-related in media. Because of this, plenty of great series, such as mindhunter and similar shows/movies, have found immense success.

House of Manson does a deep dive into the life of Manson and his influence on his followers. While it has its flaws, the film has this way of drawing viewers in by showing the “appealing” look of the ranch, and it also presents Charles as sympathetic at times. What makes it scary is how vulnerable certain people are and how easily manipulated they are, and that’s something that can be seen as beautiful but can also be rotten to the core.

Manson’s Lost Girls (2016)

Many films have attempted to bring to light the experience of everyone involved in a crime. This can be done very well, or it could go wrong in many ways. The Lifetime movie Manson’s Lost Girls found itself in the middle.

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While Manson is not the main character, the actor who portrays him has a good amount of screen time and is never too far away. The film follows the girls of the family: Leslie Van Houten, Lynette’ Squeaky’ Fromme, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian. It received mixed reviews due to some of the acting and choice of actors. However, many agreed that the charisma the actor who played Manson showed and the portrayal of how devoted these girls were to him was very well done.

Charles Manson: The Final Words (2017)

As one of the most intriguing serial killers on Mindhunter and apart from other crime-based shows, Charles Manson continues to appear in the media to this day. A year before his death, he reminded the world again of his presence by collaborating on a biography.

Charles Manson: The Final Words is not only a biography but also provides interviews and re-enactments while being narrated by Rob Zombie. It’s gruesome, informative, and provides recordings of calls from Manson himself. The documentary mentions that the obsessive interest in Manson has never faded, and even Manson himself says he is the most famous person to have ever lived.

Charlie Says (2018)

There has always been a lot of criticism towards actors who take on the role of Manson. In 2019, Matt Smith took up the part of Manson in the film Charlie Saysand viewers were captivated by his performances.

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Charlie Says focuses on the life of Leslie “Lulu” Van Houten during her time with the Manson family along with Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel and Susan “Sadie” Atkins. While the film is not from Manson’s perspective, Smith’s performance impressed many viewers and was the main focus of most reviews when mentioning the film’s positive attributes. Aside from Smith’s performance, the depiction of the brainwashing and how Manson’s charisma and charm were able to captivate his followers.

Charles Manson: Making the Monster (2019)

Tea real-crime YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers on their channel. They also have one of the best and most chilling documentaries of Charles Manson available.

Charles Manson: Making the Monster shows censored crime scene photos, interviews from officers who were on the scene and working the case, as well as clips from Sharon Tate’s husband, who can be seen barely holding himself together while he tries to speak. It’s a documentary that will pull at the heartstrings and show just a glimpse at the horror that Charles Manson orchestrated and how his manipulation, drugs, and preaching of “love” was able to twist the minds of his followers.

Manson: Music from an Unsound Mind (2019)

When someone hears the name Charles Manson, more often than not, they’ll first think of his status as a former cult leader. But there was much more to him, and Music from an Unsound Mind is an excellent documentary that provides a lot of information on who he was.

Manson: Music from an Unsound Mind goes right into the beginning of Manson’s life. The main focus was not only his criminal record but his obsession with music and how it all came to an end. While it does not provide the most chilling effect, the actual information and deep dive into where it all started are informative and something that every fan of learning more about what made him tick would be interested in.

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