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11 Concerning Signs You're Suffering From Orthorexia

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You eat healthily—in fact, most of your day revolves around what you’re going to eat. You’re proud that you eat clean and share your meals constantly via social media.

But could you be too obsessed with what you’re eating and not eating? If so, you may be suffering from orthorexia, also known as orthorexia Nervosa.

What is orthorexia?

The term orthorexia was originally coined by Dr. Steven Bratman in 1997. The word “orthorexia” is derived from anorexia and orthomeaning straight or right.

Unlike anorexia, which is an eating disorder characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss, orthorexia restricts foods that aren’t sufficiently clean, healthy, or wholesome.

Essentially, it’s an eating disorder where the individual develops an unhealthy obsession with clean or healthy eating.

Between 6 to 90 percent of individuals suffer from the disorder, though it’s hard to determine the exact percentage of commonality, due to the disagreement in “diagnostic criteria.”

What causes orthorexia nervosa?