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10 Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast

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Season 2 of La Brea premiered this fall on September 27th and continues to delight fans of this drama fantasy series set in the City of Angels. Streaming on Peacock TV, the series is shot in Victoria, Australia, and offers superior production value and a level of realism.

Season 2 promises to reveal more drama and adventure for the family separated between two worlds when a huge sinkhole carries part of the family to LA, 12,000 years earlier. This complex and fantastical drama of love and survival leans heavily upon its highly talented cast, whom fans have likely seen in other TV shows and movies previous to La Brea.


Natalie Zea – Dirty Sexy Money

Natalie plays a key role in La Brea as Eve Harris, the overprotective yet fearless mom who falls into the sinkhole in season 1. Fans, however, may remember her vividly from her dramatic role as Karen Darling in another hit showDirty Sexy Moneywhere she starred as the eldest, obnoxiously rich daughter of the Darling family from 2007 to 2009.

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Natalie’s ability to enrapture her viewers through her honest dramatic performances is evident in the fact that she plays lead roles in both shows, although in La Brea, fans will have the opportunity to see a more fearless, gritty heroine as opposed to the whimsical romantic conqueror she played in the Dirty Sexy Money.

Jon Seda – Chicago PD

Seda has played a rich roster of interesting roles over his acting career, including the main love interest in the film Selenathe co-star of Woody Harrelson in The Sunchaser, and his most recent role as a police officer on the hit NBC series, Chicago P.D..

In all his roles, he brings strength and presence to the screen, including his current role as Dr. Samuel Velez in La Brea, where he desperately tries to take control of the situation and save lives after the sinkhole emerges. In an interview with Deadline, Seda said, “Playing a former Navy SEAL, doctor, father, husband, plus action and adventure—sign me up. There are so many colors and layers that exist within this character. I’m still finding them all as we go along.”

Nicholas Gonzalez – The Good Doctor

Nicholas Gonzalez is an acclaimed actor and plays Levi Delgado on La Brea. He has had the fortune to be part of many successful series, including Pretty Little Liars, Sleepy Hollow and The Flash. His most recent and recognizable role, however, was his portrayal of Dr. Neil Melendez on the ABC TV show, The Good Doctor.

As Dr. Melendez, his charismatic and compassionate character left a deep mark on the show, making him an obvious choice to play a savior and hero on La Brea. His natural charm and heroic physique lends itself naturally to his role as an Air Force pilot trying to save the masses who fall into the LA sinkhole.

Chiké Okonkwo – Call Of Duty (Video Game)

Okonkwo plays a lead character in La Brea as the psychologist, Ty Coleman, who is diagnosed with a brain tumor, making his practice fall apart. Hailing from a rich and diversified acting background, Okonkwo was part of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, as well as being part of interesting shows on the small screen and silver screen, including Being Mary Jane.

One of his most interesting professional affiliations is with the global gaming franchise call of duty, where he plays a soldier during WWII. This makes him an excellent choice as a cast member of La Brea, where he instead plays the anti-hero in this supernatural drama.

Zyra Gorecki – Chicago Fire

Gorecki is not only the gutsy Izzy Harris (daughter of Eve and Gavin Harris) on La Brea, but is notably among the first below-the-knee amputee actresses who have a regular cast role on the small screen. In addition to her charitable work in supporting Amputee Blade Runners, a charity that provides prosthetics to amputees, she has been a guest star on NBC’s, Chicago Fire.

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Her indomitable spirit in real life bleeds through her character as Izzy Harris and also in her guest role on Chicago Fire, making it easy to see why the creators of La Brea felt she would be the perfect addition to this fantasy drama, where adversity needs to be faced on a daily basis to survive.

Jack Martin – All Rise

A talented newcomer to Hollywood, Jack Martin plays Josh Harris, a fisherman trying to decode Hawaiian fishing charts left by his late father on La Brea.

Many fans might have seen him on CBS’s AllRise as well as his zanily creative videos on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram as @realjackmartin, garnering him millions of views. Bringing a fresh, youthful perspective to the show, Martin is a perfect choice for Peacock’s fantasy survival show, La Brea.

Veronica St. Clair – Unbelievable

Veronica St. Clair is another fresh face in Hollywood. Before getting her role as Riley Valez, daughter of Sam Valez on La Breashe could be seen on the Netflix hit, unbelievable.

As the love interest of Josh Martin on La Brea, she brings a fresh sense of innocence to her character, Riley, diametrically opposite to her role as “girlfriend” on the dark true-crime show, Unbelievable, showcasing her versatility and scope as an actress.

Rohan Mirchandaney – Hotel Mumbai

Before getting his dramatic role as Scott Israni on NBC’s La BreaAussie actor Rohan Mirchandaney played a key supporting role opposite Dev Patel in the blockbuster film, Hotel Mumbai.

A well-trained theatre, TV and film actor, Mirchandaney’s emotionally charged performance as Chef Manu of the renowned Taj Hotel, who saves lives during the terrorist attack in Mumbai, illustrates why he was chosen for La Brea. Both roles involve dramatic plots with dire consequences and important lives to save.

Lily Santiago – Off-Broadway & Lackawanna Blues

La Brea as a show has done a lot to cultivate new acting talent, including Lily Santiago, who plays Veronica Castillo. Lily Santiago has many Shakespearean theater roles to her credit, as well as in some off-Broadway productions, including othello and macbeth.

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As a child, she had a small supporting role in the HBO movie, Lackawanna Blues, from where her talent bloomed over the years. The daughter of director and writer Ruben Santiago-Hudson, she brings credibility and vulnerability to her role in La Brea.

Josh McKenzie – The Hopes & Dreams Of Gazza Snell

McKenzie, the breakout New Zealand actor, was first noticed by critics in his role in Filthy Rich. His performance in the 2009 film, The Hopes and Dreams of Gaza Snellhowever, earned him an AFTA Award and national regard in New Zealand.

Trained both in Berlin and the prestigious New Zealand Toi Whakaari drama school, he brings immediacy and realism to his acting, which is seen in his portrayal of the dangerous character Lucas. As one of the darker characters on La BreaMcKenzie’s gripping performance, along with his other cast members, is a contributing reason why this show was an instant Peacock hit.

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