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10 Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast

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War Of The Worlds ended its third season on September 26, 2022, after the release of its eighth episode. Since a fourth season hasn’t been formally announced, fans will want to check out the actors in the other work that they’ve been a part of. Fortunately, the cast can indeed be found in many movies and shows varying in genre.

These include Daisy Edgar-Jones’ popular turn in Where The Crawdads Sing to Gabriel Byrne’s critically acclaimed performance in In-Treatment. With War of the Worlds setting up the actors’ popularity for millions of fans, it’s worth checking out their body of work to line up potential binge-watch material.


Gabriel Byrne: In Treatment (2008 – 2010)

Many viewers were looking for shows similar to Hulu’s The Patientwith the name In-Treatment coming up as one of the candidates. The series follows Gabriel Byrne’s character, a psychiatrist who has weekly sessions with his various patients.

In-Treatment was lauded for its frank discussion of sensitive topics and the performances of the cast, making a relatively limited series stimulating. Byrne was praised for carrying the series, winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

Lea Drucker: The Bureau (2015 – 2020)

The Office follows the agents of the General Directorate of External Security, with each member having their own secrets and agenda. Léa Drucker plays Dr. Laurène Balmes, a psychiatrist whose job is to crack the targets that the agents have captured, although she’s also a CIA double agent.

The Office is filled with twists and turns due to the dubious loyalties of everyone involved. Drucker’s character had an arc that lasted for the first three seasons, as her true motives slowly came to light. The actress was part of an ensemble cast that The Office juggled throughout its run.

Adel Bencherif: A Prophet (2009)

A Prophet is one of the notable movies set in prison, with the story revolving around a young inmate, Malik, torn between two factions inside the prison he’s held in. Adel Bencherif plays Ryad, another inmate who befriends Malik and educates him on Muslim heritage.

A Prophet received extremely positive reviews upon release for navigating through hard-hitting material with a definite touch of grace. The film remains Bencherif’s highest-profile role yet, bringing him some great exposure in the industry for what is a solid supporting role.

Natasha Little: The Night Manager (2016)

The Night Manager is a spy thriller series starring Tom Hiddleston as the titular character, who is recruited to infiltrate the workings of an arms dealer. Natasha Little appears as Lady Langbourne, one of the people staying at the luxury hotel and a source of information for the protagonist.

Little has a supporting but crucial role in the series, as she lets slip the clues needed to zero in on the tasks at hand. The Night Manager won numerous awards for its captivating premise, with Little praised as part of the cast for lifting the quality of the show for what it’s known for.

Stephen Campbell Moore: The History Boys (2006)

The History Boys is a coming-of-age drama set in a boy’s school in 1983, where their contrasting teachers offer different life lessons. Stephen Campbell Moore plays temporary history teacher Irwin, whose unorthodox methods ignite interest in his students but who also begins a flirtatious relationship with one of them.

The History Boys was adapted from the play of the same name, which means that a lot of the scenes in the film are self-contained. Moore’s character is one of several in a story about the pressures of youth and how the adult figures in their lives shape them for the future.

Stephane Caillard: Marseilles (2016 – 2018)

Marseilles is about the power struggle between the current mayor and his former protege, with both pulling out all the stops to one-up the other. Stéphane Caillard appears as the mayor’s daughter, who’s conducting her own investigation to expose the illicit activities.

Stéphane Caillard saw her role upgraded in Marseille’s second season, which largely followed her character’s journey when her career took a new direction. Marseilles received a relatively mixed response for its formulaic nature, but fans of the thriller genre should be entertained.

Aaron Heffernan: Brassic (2019 – )

Brassic is set in the fictional town of Hawley and depicts the lives of street ruffians who strive for more in life than petty crime. Aaron Heffernan plays Ash Dennings, a youth who’s part of the main gang and has to deal with societal pressures, along with concealing sexuality to his family.

Brassic‘s premise sounds like it deals with heavy-handed themes, but the series steers more into comedic territory with the way it handles its subject matter. Heffernan and his co-stars’ chemistry together opens up avenues for the hilarity that fans have responded to.

Elizabeth McGovern: Ragtime (1981)

Ragtime is set in the 1910s during a time when racial tensions prevent a talented young black musician to reach his full potential. His struggles and the overall industry are detailed in the story, with Elizabeth McGovern playing chorus girl, Evelyn Nesbit.

Of course, now most known for her standout role in Downton Abbey, McGovern won praise for her role in Ragtimeincluding an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Ragtime is also notable for starring future A-listers such as Mandy Patinkin, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Daniels, and more, although McGovern remains the actor who received the most exposure from the movie.

Ty Tennant: Tolkien (2019)

Fans of Lord Of The Rings hang on to every detail of the series, so a film about the origins of the person who created will certainly be interesting. Tolkien takes a look into the formative years of the author, including his early life where he was friends with Christopher Wiseman, played by Ty Tennant.

Tennant is still in the early days of his career, with Tolkien providing the actor with an early role to leave his mark on. Tennant appears during the early portion of the movie when the titular character is still young before the story shifts to the older versions of the characters.

Daisy Edgar-Jones: Where The Crawdads Sing (2022)

There has been great interest in Daisy Edgar-Jones’ career since Where The Crawdads Singalthough she appeared in that film after War Of The Worlds. Regardless, her mainstream exposure has brought viewers both to Where The Crawdads Sing and War of the Worlds, as fans want to check out the actress’ performances.

Where the Crawdads Sing is about a young woman who raised herself after she was abandoned at a young age. When she becomes a suspect in a murder, the story shifts the narrative to make audiences guess if she really is guilty. Although the film received mixed reviews, it turned out to be a star-making turn for Edgar-Jones.

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