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10 Movies & TV Shows Where Else You've Heard The Cast

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Netflix’s Wendell and Wild takes viewers on a spooky adventure into the realm of demons and self-discovery in a signature Henry Selick stop-motion style. Thirteen years after his acclaimed and beloved CoralineSelick takes his familiar approach and polishes it with new tricks and layers of inclusive diversity, seen especially in the film’s characters, as well as the impressive ensemble cast that voices the charming tale.

From Marvel characters to Oscar-winning directors, the voice cast of Wendell and Wild boasts a variety of visionaries from different fields, genres, and experiences, another asset to the future Halloween classic.


Tantoo Cardinal – Stumptown (2019-2020)

Tantoo Cardinal provides the voice for Ms. Hunter, the kind and gentle support worker who drops Kat off at Rust Bank Catholic (RBC) and encourages her to find a better life there.

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Cardinal has an impressive number of appearances in both the world of film and the small screen, with one of her most popular roles being that of Sue Lynn Blackbird in ABC’s Stumptown. Apart from acting, Cardinal is also known for her extensive contributions toward and advocacy for Indigenous performing arts.

Gabrielle Dennis – Luke Cage (2016-2018)

Gabrielle Dennis voices Wilma Elliot, Kat’s doting mother who reminds her daughter that life is more than lamenting about one’s mistakes.

One of Gabrielle’s most prominent on-screen roles was that of Tilda Johnson (aka Nightshade) in Netflix’s Luke Cage.

Not far off from Wilma Elliot, Tilda is an emphatic and self-aware character who tries to right the wrongs of her family’s criminal life. Her portrayal of the brilliant scientist with werewolf-harnessing superpowers gained an appreciation for Gabrielle, with fans seeing her as a Luke Cage character who should join the mainstream MCU.

Ramona Young – Never Have I Ever (2020-)

In Wendell and WildRamona voices Sweetie, an annoying but affectionate and good-intentioned RBC schoolgirl who welcomes Kat.

This character is very reminiscent of Ramona’s Eleanor from Never Have I EverDevi’s bold theatre-loving best friend.

Despite Eleanor’s somewhat annoying tendencies and occasional terrible advice, she has one of the best character developments so far in Never Have I Ever. The Netflix show conveys Ramona’s talent as she transforms into one of the series’ greatest and most popular characters, season by season.

Tamara Smart – A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting (2020)

Tamara Smart provides the voice of Siobhan, the seemingly pretentious queen bee of RBC. Unlike her Klax Korp-owning parents, Siobhan proves herself to be kind-hearted and empathetic.

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However, Tamara is no stranger to starring in horror-adjacent family films with strong female protagonists, having previously starred in the Netflix film, A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting. Smart’s Siobhan reflects the same determination and bravery as Kelly, proving how she thrives in bringing fantasy-horror characters to life.

Ving Rhames – Pulp Fiction (1994)

Ving Rhames is the voice behind Buffalo Belzer. As the tough father to Wendell and Wild and the reigning lord of the dead, he runs a fair to torture the souls of the damned.

With decades of industry contributions to his name, Rhames has shown his impressive acting range from lighthearted Disney films to quick-paced action series. However, his most iconic role is that of the ruthless crime lord Marsellus Wallace, one of the most important Quentin Tarantino movie characters, and the performance that skyrocketed his career.

James Hong – Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

Here comes Father Bests is James Hong. He is Rust Bank Catholic’s defensive, dismissive, and desperate-for-funding headmaster.

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Hong has been in countless on-screen projects and was recently seen playing a different fatherly role in the critically acclaimed Everything Everywhere All At Once. Not too different from the headmaster, Gong Gong is Evelyn’s difficult and demanding father. His voice will also be familiar thanks to his role as Mr. Ping in kung fu panda.

Keegan-Michael Key – Reboot (2022)

Keegan-Michael Key voices Wendell, the slightly wise older brother who is determined to make the demons’ dream fair a reality.

Having been in a plethora of projects, such as comedy shorts, TV series features, and films, Keegan-Michael Key can now be seen in Reboot as Reed Sterling, one of the central and funniest characters in the Hulu show. With his signature effortless comedic timing and impeccable chemistry with Peele, Key once again proves his brilliance in another hilarious but more versatile animated role.

Angela Bassett – Black Panther (2018)

Angela Bassett voices Sister Helley, a tried and tested fellow Hell Maiden who does her best to protect Kat and teach her to fight her own demons.

The award-winning actress is one of the reigning names in Hollywood today, with her renowned role as the MCU’s Queen Ramonda. Bassett will take over the role with a more prominent appearance in Wakanda Foreverwith fans even positing her as one of the candidates most likely to be the next Black Panther.

Jordan Peele – Keanu (2016)

The Oscar-winning director, Jordan Peele, goes back to his slapstick comedy roots by voicing Wild, the more comical yet innovative demon brother.

While Peele has become a household name, thanks to his revolutionary direction of horror-infused political masterpieces like get-out, he also has a long list of acting credentials, joining the list of great comedians that became filmmakers. His role as the heartbroken cat-chasing Rell Williams in Keanu encapsulates the iconic humor and chemistry with Key that launched his career years ago, and can still be seen today.

Lyric Ross – This Is Us (2016-2022)

The star of Wendell and Wild is Lyric Ross’ Kat, the guilt-ridden young girl mourning the insurmountable loss of her parents and wary of getting close to any new friends as a result.

Before showcasing her talent as a voice actor, Ross shone as Already Pearson in This Is Us, whose character arc of loss, neglect, and darkness draws many parallels to Kat’s life. With Wendell and WildRoss has shown yet again that she excels when it comes to playing the troubled teen, with the added themes of self-forgiveness and fighting one’s literal demons furthering her depth as an artist.

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