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10 Movies & TV Shows Elsa Bloodstone Could Show Up In Next

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Warning! This List Contains Major Spoilers For The MCU Halloween Special, Werewolf by Night!

Meet the newest heroes in the mcu: Werewolf by Night, Elsa Bloodstone, and Man-Thing. After their fun and spooky introductions in Werewolf by Night, the MCU’s first Halloween Special, they’ll each be instrumental in revealing the dark and supernatural mysteries hidden in the shadows of this universe. Even after such a short amount of time, there’s high hope among devoted fans that they’ll see these characters soon, especially Laura Donnelly’s Elsa Bloodstone.


She returned to her ancestral home with the goal of claiming what is rightfully hers, the magical Bloodstone, but found herself surrounded by a different breed of monsters, her fellow monster hunters. There is still so much they could do with the character, and she can play an important role in the franchise’s future. As such, Elsa Bloodstone could appear in all sorts of upcoming films and TV shows in the MCU’s future.

Her Own Halloween Special or Disney+ Show

Werewolf by Night easily established Elsa Bloodstone as a badass warrior. While she was the deuteragonist, she could still get her own Halloween special or even a Disney+ show. An Elsa Bloodstone project could delve even more into her upbringing, allowing an actual actor to play her father, Ulysses Bloodstone, and be a good reason for Harriet Sansom Harris to reprise as Verussa, the evil stepmother.

This could follow her as she hunts down more evil monsters like the Wendigo or have her meet up with future teammates like Manphibian, Vampire by Night, or Frankenstein’s Monster. While Werewolf by Night paid devoted homage to the classic films of early Hollywood, an Elsa Bloodstone special or show could incorporate even more modern horror techniques reminiscent of more recent films.

Loki, Season 2

Interestingly the Bloodstone family might be connected to the Time Variance Authority from Loki. Their seemingly anachronistic security officers were cleverly costumed just like the TVA, although their weapons don’t zap people to the Void. Perhaps Kang the Conqueror established some partnership with Ulysses or Verussa Bloodstone – or it might be that Werewolf by Night takes place outside Earth-616.

If that’s the case, Elsa Bloodstone could make a surprise return next Summer in season 2 of Loki. Now that Loki and Sylvie have to deal with a new TVA run by the real Kang the Conqueror, they could use an ally like Elsa.


One of the most logical spots for Elsa to pop back up is in Blade. It would make sense to pair the monster hunter with the vampire hunter, and she could help him take down whoever ends up as the antagonist, be they Dracula, Deacon Frost, or someone else. This could further explore the lore of the Bloodstone and how it interacts with monsters like vampires, or even dhampirs like Blade.

Depending on when and where Blade and Werewolf by Night take place in the MCU, Elsa and Blade could already be familiar with each other. His appearance could mimic his in Eternals when he visited Dane Whitman AKA Black Knight, and help tease a future Midnight Sons team-up.

Deadpool 3

Elsa Bloodstone has the potential to appear in Deadpool 3. The film has been the center of attention in the fandom thanks to Ryan Reynolds announcing that Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine. That’s led to massive amounts of fan theories regarding the plot and how Deadpool 3 might function in the MCU.

Elsa and Deadpool have crossed paths several times, even beating him in combat on a few instances, so she could make for an interesting addition to Deadpool 3. That movie already has a lot on its plate in incorporating mutants and the X-Men in the most substantial way yet, but if handled right, it could deal with some monsters and monster hunters along the way.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

Heroes and storylines in the MCU will begin to converge on Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. This could go multiple ways depending on when and where Werewolf by Night takes place in the MCU – and if she appears in other projects before it.

If the Halloween special, and any subsequent projects, are defined as taking place on Earth-616 as is likely, Elsa’s involvement in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will probably be just like any other heroes. However, should they be set elsewhere, this could play into the theory that multiple Kangs will feature and the heroes from alternate universes will all be dealing with their own version.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Everything will eventually culminate in Avengers: Secret Warspremiering on November 7th, 2025. By that point, it won’t matter whether Werewolf by Night takes place on Earth-616. Everything will be united in one universe. Although, that itself supports the case that Werewolf by Night is taking place in a different universe as they’ll need compelling characters from across the multiverse to pull off Avengers: Secret Wars and Elsa, Werewolf, and Man-Thing are just that.

The prospect of seeing Elsa fight, whether against or with other badasses like Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, and Daredevil in Avengers: Secret Wars is particularly exciting. It’s interesting to see how they’ll juggle all the different storylines and characters since they have even more to deal with than they had in Avengers: Endgame.

Moon Knight, Season 2

At this point, there are no TV shows revealed for Phase Six. There are several possibilities for what those shows could be including wonder-man, Novaand a show presumably for Okoye, but there’s hope existing shows are given a second season like Loki. Moon Knight is at the top of that list for many fans.

The show set up more with Jake Lockley finally appearing, while also paving the way for more violence and horror. Elsa would be a welcome sight in a second season. The same definitely goes for Werewolf by Night since he and Moon Knight have a storied past.

Doctor Strange 3

Elsa is a unique character in the supernatural sector of Marvel Comics. She isn’t a magic user like Doctor Strange or Wong, but now that she is in possession of the Bloodstone, she might need their teaching and training. She’d make an unexpected addition to a school at Kamar-Taj, but in turn, she could help them take out monsters now that Strange is traveling to the Dark Dimension with Clea.

As such, she could show up in Doctor Strange 3 which is likely where his story is leading – unless the resolution of him meeting Clea happens in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or later. Regardless of that, it is still seeming guaranteed that he will one day get a third film and Elsa could definitely have a role to play in it.

Scarlet Witch

Thanks to the creative and clever visual landscape of Werewolf by Night, the Bloodstone itself might hold some consequential meaning to the rest of the MCU. Importantly, red color-coding has been used to signify reality/chaos magic, as used by the Reality Stone and Scarlet Witch as opposed to Doctor Strange and Wong’s yellow magic or Agatha’s purple magic. Perhaps that means the Bloodstone is linked to such magic – a definite possibility since it was able to transform Jack without a full moon.

The Bloodstone and thus, Elsa could come into play in bringing Scarlet Witch back into the fray after her supposed death in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhile also exploring its origins and if it has any connection to the Darkhold.

Midnight Sons / Legion of Monsters

While the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men get most of the attention, there are other teams worthy of their film or TV show. That goes double apropos to Elsa Bloodstone as she could be a member of both the Midnight Sons and the Legion of Monsters like in the comics. If these stories continue to be told at a steady pace, projects for either team could end up filling out Phase Six.

Overall, the Midnight Sons stand the best chance since only a few missing members would need to be introduced. They would most likely be Ghost Rider, Jennifer Kale, and maybe the Hellstrom siblings – joining other supernatural heroes like Doctor Strange, Wong, Elsa, Werewolf, Man-Thing, and Blade.

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