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Wild Secrets — Obsessed with Barbie Movies – The North Wind

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We all have embarrassing moments we want to undo or unforgettable memories that trigger the deepest contractions the human body can evoke. increase.

Feast your eyes as classmates spill guilt, funny, and embarrassing stories here. It’s a wild secret.


My guilty pleasure, like so many other young girls coming out of the glittery pink war zone of the early 2000s, is Barbie movies. At this point, it’s sick. I’ve seen every known Barbie movie. ‘Barbie Her Diaries’, ‘Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus’, ‘Barbie and the Diamond Castle’ and the list goes on.

These movies have been an important part of my entire life, not just my childhood. Some of my best memories with my high school friends were made while watching Barbie movies.

After every school dance, my living room was filled with pizza, pop, and people who tended to make me laugh. We all piled onto dingy air mattresses that had multiple holes and were not suitable for sleeping multiple people.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open, picking movies one by one from the stack until I ran out of caffeine.

One afternoon in high school, I ranked all of the Barbie movies from best to worst. Nonetheless, it feels good to know that I have it when I need it.

As an adult, I still turn on the Barbie movie when I want someone to pick me up. The one that has remained in my heart and will always be cherished is “Barbie as the Princess of the Island”.

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie masterpiece, the plot is simple. Ro grew up on a deserted island after getting lost at sea in a storm. Naturally, he can talk to the animals that live there.

One day, long after Ro has gone missing, the prince finds an island while exploring. He takes them (including animals) back to his kingdom. Ro tries to decide where he belongs: will he be with his animal friends on an island or in the human world.

Obsession might be the most accurate word to describe my love for this movie. Had the attached peacock feather dress outfit and Wii game. I’m still betting good cash on knowing every word of every song.

I am fully aware that Mattel has faced scrutiny in the past for portraying unrealistic body types to young children. But movies, old and new, are all about overcoming challenges.

For example, in Barbie the 12 Dancing Princesses, Princess Genevieve and her 11 sisters must outwit her power-hungry father’s cousin. While perhaps not the most realistic or modern challenge, the writers have found creative ways to teach children tenacity, diligence, and how to face hostile forces.

The film also has a strong message about the importance of family and teamwork. There is no doubt that this is an essential way of thinking for children to learn.

I love these movies, even if it’s a little embarrassing. The memory of singing with my sister and mother while watching it with my family is nothing to be ashamed of.

It may sound childish, but sometimes you just need a good Barbie movie to brighten up your life a little.

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