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Why the Alpine A110 is a highly underrated sports car

If we were to talk about which companies are the best and most exciting sports car, some names come to mind. Porsche, of course, would be the original name of the 911. Next, it builds sports cars such as BMW, Toyota, and Mazda. A name that some people may not be attracted to at first is that of Renault. More specifically, Alpine, the sports division of Renault, is famous. The company that makes the A110.

The Alpine A110 was first conceived in 1963 and manufactured until 1977. Alpine soon merged with Renault, then in 2017 the company unveiled his resurrected A110. It is based on the original car but of course has the latest technology, safety standards and more. He’s one of the cheapest sports cars available today, but strangely enough, few people seem to notice it. Perhaps because of its name, or maybe because it’s not a very powerful car. Either way, the A110 is a highly underrated sports car.

What you need to know about the A110

The Alpine A110 current range comes in three variants. There are his A110, A110 GT and A110 S in the baseline. Plus Alpine recently launched the Tour de Corse 75 Limited Edition based on the A110 S. And all three of his main versions of the A110 are powered by the same his four-cylinder 1.8-liter turbo. An engine that produces 300 hp in the latter two versions. As for the transmission, there’s no manual, but the Getrag 7-speed automatic transmission with dual wet clutches is a good enough offering on its own. But please believe us.

The Base A110 is a little underpowered at 252 hp, but more than enough for almost everyone on a daily basis. With a 0-62 time of just 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 170 mph, it’s by no means a slow car. It doesn’t really turn your nose up. Those speed numbers are more than enough to challenge a wide variety of machines in the term sports car. This means that it is a very agile machine.

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Why driving the A110 is fun

It turns out that a car that weighs only 1,100 kg and makes 250-300 horsepower can be fun. This matches the lightness of the Lotus He Emira and is around 300 kg lighter than rival Audi and Porsche sports cars. It’s not hard to find rave reviews about the driving aspects of the A110. Normal mode isn’t the most engaging driving experience, but putting the car in Sport mode really kicks things in. The engine and gearbox are honed, as is the steering and car stability.

The A110 has been described as a beautifully flowing car with smooth driving dynamics, smoothing over bumps and ruts in the road. It’s not intimidating or aggressive like some sports cars. The A110 offers a very smooth driving experience. The lack of a manual transmission is probably not ideal, but the 7-speed automatic, with its ratios well-spaced, can get plenty of revs and is probably better than Porsche’s automatic.

a very different kind of sports car

Rarely do you come across a sports car with such a smooth and dynamic driving experience. But the A110 offers just that. It’s not a clumsy car, it doesn’t roll overly, and it probably doesn’t feel that fast, but it doesn’t need to be that much. Another thing that’s incredibly impressive is that you can get up to 40 mpg out of the car in normal mode. No, so this is a very impressive number.RELATED: The 2022 Alpine A110 S is the 300-horsepower sports car we want to drive

A110 deserves our utmost respect and attention

It may not come from big names. There may not be more than 400 horsepower. It may not be the sexiest car. But the A110 has a retro look with the latest technology and safety standards, a perfectly powerful engine and an automatic gearbox, so you can enjoy the car itself. It’s a lightweight, dynamic, fluid machine. There’s a reason James May says he owns one and loves one. The A110 is a grossly underrated sports car and, frankly, one that deserves more respect and attention than ever before.

Source: Alpine