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What is Power Yoga? 5 best yoga exercises for weight loss

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When we think of weight loss, the power of yoga is something that immediately comes to mind. It is a great exercise to reduce weight and improve muscle strength without going to the gym.

Endorsed by many celebrities around the world, Strength Yoga is essentially a dynamic version of traditional yoga and is specifically designed to improve endurance and cardiovascular strength.

It is a much more intense and faster practice, which focuses more on developing strength and less on chanting and meditation. The poses or asanas involved in this type of yoga are quite challenging and force you to move from one pose to the next very quickly.

It combines Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and shares some aspects in common with Ashtanga yoga that help increase your stamina and develop your inner heat.

Power yoga for weight loss

Regular practice of vigorous yoga not only aids in weight loss but also promotes muscular strength, balance, flexibility and muscle tone.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best powerful yoga exercises for weight loss:

1) Plank pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)

To do this powerful yoga pose:

  • Start the pose on your hands and knees, making sure your body is in a straight line from your head to your toes.
  • Raise your butt so that your shoulders are in a straight line with your palms, and your knees are lowered below your pelvic bone. Pull your legs back and bend your toes.
  • Keep your eyesight low, but keep the back of your head and neck parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and your tailbone tucked under your abdominal muscles.
  • Maintain this position, challenge your body, and try to bend your arms at your elbows while keeping your body in a straight line. Slowly push your body weight, and rotate your elbows close to your upper body.
  • Maintain this position for as long as possible, and continue to breathe normally.

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2) Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

To perform this asana:

  • Lie flat on your stomach, facing the floor, and place your palms at the same level as your shoulders on the floor.
  • Slowly raise your body and begin to bend backward. This movement stresses the muscles and helps in weight loss.
  • Move your head back while your body is facing back and don’t put pressure on your neck.
  • Hold this position for a few minutes and continue to breathe normally.
  • Release, and repeat several times.

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3) Dolphin Pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana)

To do this power yoga asana:

  • Take a downward facing dog position with your hands and knees on the floor.
  • Bend your arms by placing your forearms on the floor, making sure your elbows are directly below your shoulders.
  • Move your shoulders away from your ears, continuing to push your chest out and your heels down.
  • Maintain the position with normal breathing for at least 20 seconds.
  • Release, and repeat several times.

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4) Warrior Pose (Verapadrasana)

To do this mode:

  • Stand tall. Extend your feet as wide as possible until they are parallel to each other. Make sure both heels are in a straight line.
  • Raise your arms with your palms facing down so that they are parallel to the floor and look to your right.
  • Rotate your right foot at a 90-degree angle and bend your right leg at your knee. Make sure the knee is over your ankle, and your thigh is completely parallel to the floor.
  • Continue to tighten your right knee while moving your entire body weight onto your right thigh. At the same time, keep your left leg stable and straight.
  • Push your pelvis to your left and squeeze your glutes at the same time. Hold the position for a few minutes, and relax. Repeat on the other side.

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5) One-legged dog down (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)

To perform this mode:

  • Take a stand on all fours. Once you are stable, push your butts up and back, bringing your neck and head in the same line.
  • Place your palms on the floor and lift your right leg up. Lift your right leg as high as you can, and stay in this position for a few minutes.
  • Lower your leg and repeat with your other leg.

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Strength yoga is usually a modified version of traditional yoga designed to fit today’s fast-paced lifestyle. It blends elements of yoga asana with the benefits of modern and regular exercises that connect the body and mind and deliver significant physical benefits.

For each of the above positions, look to maintain the position for at least 40 seconds, gradually increasing your pace. If you feel discomfort or pain, get out of the position immediately.