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Virginia Student Strike Shows Everything Is Wrong in Our Public Education System

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T.Today, student strikes in nearly 100 public schools in Virginia represent all the troubles in our public education system. Students may learn little, but they are activists thanks to encouragement from enlightened educators who believe they have the right to overturn parental privilege and decide how their children are raised. is trained as

The student protests, openly instigated by teachers, came in response to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s new policy banning schools from socially transitioning gender-confused students behind their parents’ backs. By regulation, teachers and administrators must obtain written parental consent before calling a student by another name or pronoun. Previously, students intentionally hid their “gender identity” from their parents.

Educators and students who oppose this policy seem to believe that informing parents of the state of their children’s mental and physical well-being puts both at risk. For example, if a girl is struggling with anorexia at school, the school’s first response is to let her parents know so that she can get the help she needs at home and outside the classroom.Virginia, in fact
passed the law
In 2013, we required schools to provide families with educational information annually about eating disorders and how they manifest themselves.

This is because the state recognizes that parents are the first line of defense for their children’s well-being and that they are ultimately responsible. So why aren’t the same standards applied to students who struggle with gender confusion? I even admit that I am in pain. So what justification can be considered for hiding such emotional distress from parents?

Of course, there is no justification. It’s just an ideology.

Gender ideology inspires educators to change the way students think about themselves and their families. The whole point is that schools take over as the ultimate arbiter of what their children are taught and how they are raised in the first place because parents don’t realize they are cut out of the equation in the first place. It’s much easier if

Little wonder, then, that teachers and administrators in Virginia are upset that this power has been taken away.

So what do they do? They rally the ideological warriors they have been training for the past few years and put them to work as activists. For example, a teacher at West Potomac High School in Alexandria, Virginia, said:
sent a mail
Last week, we asked our students to join us on strike today and “show your support” for the “LGBTQIA+ community.”

The participation of so many students in protest is a sign of educational failure, but it is also a sign of successful institutional strategies. Its goal is to produce radical activists, not the enthusiastic learners it is supposed to produce. I want you to They want parents to feel they have no choice but to sit back and accept it.

Jonkin’s policy is an important step in breaking this chain of indoctrination. The reaction to it from both educators and students shows that he has exceeded his goals precisely.

Kaylee McGhee White is Associate Editor of Restoring America. Washington Jury Visiting Scholar, Independent Women’s Forum.