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Top Interesting Drawing Topics/Themes for Kids of All Ages

Drawing is an activity that appeals to children of all ages. It’s easy for kids to scribble, draw lines and shapes from scratch. It grabs their attention and puts all their imagination into creating something worthwhile.

Drawing is considered to be one of the activities that children do early in life. It could be doodling or working on an art project that unleashes your creativity. But coming up with a theme for them can be a daunting task. drawing activitiesTherefore, we, decided to do some thinking for you by discussing 10 easy drawing topics that will get you hooked. Read till the end!

Some people don’t like the different colors that appear after it rains, or they don’t like looking up at the clouds and seeing what’s there. I love it. To get this picture right, first draw the clouds and then add her 7 colors of the rainbow. Create a rainbow of greens, blues, reds, yellows, purples, indigos and violets using paints, crayons and watercolors.

Drawing dragons is another great topic to engage in drawing activities. Dragons are popular with children because of their mysterious appearance. In some cultures, such as China and Eastern regions, dragons are powerful symbols, accompanied by folklore that tell of their goodness and good fortune for humans. That said, some consider dragons to be evil, fire-breathing animals. Well, kids don’t really care about those details, but how to draw this mythical animal. . Use a large circle to represent the dragon’s head and start drawing the front legs under the head. Round the base of the leg and tie it in the middle with a thin line. Draw a small circle on the outside bottom of each barrel to form the hind legs of the dragon: draw a small ear on the side of the head and a small tail on one of his hind legs. Put a line in the middle of the stomach and make a difference with the back legs. Add a semicircle to create the dragon’s legs/feet so that it looks like a small hill shape. Add small circles to the face to make the eyes, nose and add horns to the head. Add some colors to make your dragon look cute.

Mermaids fascinate girls and make them want to paint for hours. Mermaid painting is a popular topic and easy to draw. Start by drawing a round circle for the mermaid’s head. Create the mermaid’s eyes and mouth using two ovals, small curves. Add long fishtails to represent the legs. Complete the mermaid image with seashell clothes and long hair. Use your imagination and add appropriate colors to make the image stand out.

Hand tracing is considered a traditional art that can also be full body tracing. Hand His Tracing is a creative drawing that kids will enjoy doing. Children love to focus on their appearance and try to recreate the image on construction paper. By tracing the shape of your hand, you can create any image you want, such as different kinds of animals.

Kids love to focus on what their body looks like and try to portray the image on paper. Painting a self-portrait makes them creative and imaginative. This serves as a form of observing their characteristics and their differences in appearance. They start by creating body parts using simple shapes and adding their favorite animals and pets to the background.

  • A drawing of your favorite superhero/comic hero

Yes, cartoon heroes, superheroes, are one of the topics kids love to recreate through their drawing activities. There are many cartoon characters that fascinate children, and by painting, they want to capture an image of themselves to remind them of who they want to be, or hang them up for the pleasure of seeing them all the time. We’re thinking… Spiderman, Superman, Minions, Lion King, Wonder Woman, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, Pinky, Pokemon and many other superheroes/cartoon characters. You can also use your imagination to create your own superhero or cartoon character. This drawing topic uses images to develop imagination and character building.

Today, many children around the world attend school. When they go to a school environment, there are many things to get their attention. They can express what they see through a painting. They can work on creating images that depict their school and the things they see and interact with. School bus, classmates, classroom scenery, draw a teacherlaboratories, libraries, playgrounds, buildings, teachers talking to students, the principal’s office, soccer fields and sports centers.

Family is everything to children, and one of the best ways to capture that fascination is to portray family members. This drawing topic means the whole world to them, as they love to see their parents and siblings drawn on paper through their efforts. You can paint an image that can unleash the love of family ties, such as a family getting together, family fun times, and so on.

Cute animals that arouse children’s interest. Children love animals and drawing is a medium to show their appreciation for having animals around. You can draw cute pets, puppies, dogs, cats, birds, horses, fish, dolphins, lions, butterflies and other attention-grabbing animals.You can see a lot of butterfly paintings from

Many children, especially little boys and girls, begin their drawing adventures by drawing shapes of different sizes and colors. They start with big small shapes or popular shapes in different sizes such as circles, ovals, squares, circles, balls, moons, stars, suns. Paint or color with different colors to make the picture colorful.