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take your "science" out of my face

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As if not enough politicians had turned up in the People’s Republic of Victoria in the past two and a half years, now we have Dr. Monique Ryan in Parliament, courtesy of Cooyong’s wake and bespoke voters.

As we Victorians dragged out of the shackles confined to our homes, drunk and exhausted, trying to remember how to organize our lives without Dan’s daily presser, Dr. Ryan shows up. , promises to save. Protect us from climate catastrophes that threaten our planet.

She has taken the lead from the Prime Minister, celebrated victories for the past 100 or so days, and rewarded herself with ABC/Louise Milligan. 4 corners A propaganda puff piece entitled independence day This gave us a “compelling first glimpse” of how she could wield power. Monique, with the principal’s badge fastened securely to his lapel, pointed a finger at the opposite member and demanded, “Wear your mask!” We look forward to seeing her try to spur Chris the Marie Bull Bowen into more radical climate action.

Dr. Ryan is a neurologist, woman of scienceso (probably) she can’t question her views on climate change. After all, she’s a scientist and the science is solved. , does that mean I should contact the BOM and consult a meteorologist to get a diagnosis and treatment?

I live in a small town called Tullane Vale on the edge of the Western Plains outside Melbourne. There are more horses and rabbits than humans. We are 70 km from Ballarat and the winter westerly winds blowing from Ballarat are infinitely colder than a mother-in-law’s kiss. We are very aware of climate change and we are exposed to it. But here we call it the weather.

I have been devastated by new climate religions that seem to have little basis in science. Its followers are a privileged elite group of virtuous signals, in delirium and frenzy, using selective climate data and extreme language to word It is brainwashing young people via propaganda, infecting Congress, and slowly destroying prosperity.

Currently, I pay at least four times what I pay for electricity, even though I have a bank of solar panels. We can expect completely random power delivery in the near future. This hinders their ability to earn an income and places them in third world living conditions. My tax dollars support the renewable energy market, thereby deliberately sabotaging vital fossil fuel supplies.

Chris Bowen is forcing me to sell my V8 ute and replace it with a useless EV, plus the power lines for the wind turbines run through my neighbor’s property. We hear that our Prime Minister sees a changing climate as a threat to “the survival of our way of life.” Prime Minister, it is not the weather that threatens my way of life, but your strange, paranoid, religiously-based reactions to it.

News from Britain and Europe says that their citizens are about to plunge into winter from hell. This is not because of the weather per se, but because of the lack of baseload power and the astronomically expensive power they have available. , people will die. Governments are already telling citizens how they can make use of the available electricity.

Is Dr. Ryan aware of this situation? If so, does she think science is different in the Southern Hemisphere or that we live in parallel universes?

I’m not a woman of science, so I’ll speak in layman’s terms. The guy next to you orders a drink, he takes a sip of it and falls to the floor – dead. Turn to the bartender and say I have what he has, but do you want a double?Despite having already seen the first season of the blockbuster series European dream – no industry, no future without electricityshe seems to want us to follow Britain and Europe over the edge of the cliff.

Make no mistake, this is not about saving anything. This is about an entire class of privileged zealots in the wealthy seats forcing their religious beliefs on us. If you follow Britain/Europe and oppose the turmoil and misery of the Third World, you will be told that science has solved it.

In the spirit of science, Dr. Ryan, I propose an experiment.

Kooyong voters are off the grid. Power lines for the wind turbines will be laid along the Yarra River at Kew and Hawthorne. Solar farms will be built in parks and golf courses in Balwyn, Canterbury, Deepdean, Hawthorne, Mont Albert, Camberwell, Glen Iris, Kew and Surry Hills. Voters are supposed to work solely on wind and solar power. Limited battery storage is allowed – baseline home batteries, the type that the government installs in public housing. At Hawk, my voter, I volunteer to go off the grid with no renewables, no batteries, and put a small modular nuclear reactor in my back paddock.

It’s about time Dr. Ryan and the rest of these self-righteous, inflated toughs make a real sacrifice at the altar of climate change. They should feel the reverence of climate change by turning green spaces into wastelands of solar panels and power lines. They must accept the consequences of relying on 100% renewable energy.

Dr. Ryan, charity starts at home and leads by example. Get out of my face, get out of my environment.

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