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"Seen Through Horses" Campaign Powered by Zoetis Gains Celebrity and Influencer Support

Join a national campaign during Mental Illness Awareness Week that will benefit 50 nonprofits that embrace horses for mental health and personal growth.

/EIN News/ — SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Horses for Mental Health 501(c)(3) is a tribute to respected equestrians and horse enthusiasts to Seen Through. We are pleased to announce our commitment and support. Iconic country artist Randy Travis, actor and former American Quarter Horse World Youth Champion Riley Smith, kidnapping survivor and advocate Jaycee Dugard, actor Eric Roberts, Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World Humans, Dr. Temple Grandin, and a horse campaign that includes survivor contestant Sierra Dawn Thomas & Joe Anglim, Barrel Racer Champion Amberley Snyder, and teenage country singer Mikayla Lane bring awareness to the healing power of horses. share a personal story.

seen through a horse motion is the first convening campaign of its kind to focus on mental health through horses. The goal is to increase the visibility, public participation and funding of 50 non-profit organizations to improve access to horse-incorporated programs for mental health and personal growth, and to address anxiety, depression, addiction, and addiction. Helping with PTSD, and overall well-being.

No other animal has had as much impact on human evolution as the horse. Horses are great at sensing emotions and have the ability to connect with humans on a deep level.

“Having horses in my life since I was free has had an amazing impact on my life, especially the way I relate to people. taught me to find the.” – Jaycee Dugard

On sale October 3-10, 2022, anyone can raise money for participating nonprofits or make a one-time donation by visiting Join us now to unite and raise funds to continue this pioneering effort.

“We are in the midst of a devastating mental health crisis globally, and horses and humans can influence each other to heal and thrive in incredible ways. We are excited to work with , practitioners and advocates to raise awareness and expand resources to meet health needs.” – Lynn Thomas, LCSW, President, Horses for Mental Health

produced by Horses for Mental Health, enabled by title sponsor Zoetis, with premier sponsors Equine Network and Arenas for Change (ARCH), and premier partners American Horse Council, Horses & Humans Research Foundation, Natural Lifemanship , PATH International and Temple Grandin Equine. Center (CSU), Polyvagal Equine Institute, and HERD Institute.

As horse watermark campaign From October 3-10, 2022, choose a nonprofit to support and from October 3-10, 2022, visit, Instagram @horsesformentalhealth, Facebook @horsesformentalhealth, @zoetisequine. Visit and revitalize the equine and mental health community.

If horses have impacted your life, your mental health, or your personal journey, please share your story and tag us.

#seenthroughhorses #horsesformentalhealth #mentalhealth

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Image 1: Randy Travis

Randy Travis and horses as a child.

Image 2: Jaycee Dugard

When Jaycee was just 11 years old, she was kidnapped while walking to her school bus and held captive for 18 years. After her rescue, Jaycee found her healing and connection by taking her horse into mental health services.

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Randy Travis

Randy Travis