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Red Bay Celebrates Founders Day with Lots of Entertainment for All - Franklin County Times

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Activities at the 2022 Red Bay Founders Day Festival included live music, food, contests, vendors, train rides and lots of fun for everyone.

The competition included photography, quilting, coloring, and fried pies.

Car/Truck/Motorcycle Show

  • Phil Segraves won Best of Show for the 1969 Road Runner.
  • Steve Christian wins Best of Show in the truck category with his 1965 Ford F100.
  • Briggs Arrington won the Mayor’s Choice award in the 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA.
  • Daniel Hayden McKinney won Best of Show in the motorcycle category at the Heritage Soft Town Deluxe.

photo contest

  • Colton Faulkner won first place in Law Enforcement Youth.
  • Dakota Fowler won first place in the Youth Physician category and first place in the Youth Emergency Department category.
  • Dalton Faulkner won first place in law enforcement’s adult category.
  • Ponda Pharr won first place in the adult firefighting category and won Best in Show for her photo. She also earned second place in the Law Enforcement category.

quilt contest

  • Wanda Hargett from Russellville took first place in the Hand Quilted Country Sampler. She also won the Jury Prize and 1st place in the machine quilt category with a quilt titled “Where is my hankie?”
  • Wearldine Lucius won first place in the antique hand quilting category.
  • Joyce Orrick won Best in Show for Martha Washington’s quilt. He won second place in the vintage pattern category and first place in the hand applique category.
  • Deloris Davis won first place in the vintage pattern category.
  • Dorothy Lofton won first place in the mixed quilting technique category.
  • Terry Holt won first place in the Best Design category.

Coloring Contest

Kindergarten through first grade:

  • Vina’s Cutler Farr wins. His teacher, Monica Guinn, won her $25 in the classroom.
  • 2nd place goes to Brythlyn Bynon of Belgreen.
  • Second place is Declan McKinney of Red Bay.
  • Vina, aka Grayson Thrasher, finished third.

2nd to 3rd grade:

  • Red Bay’s Sam Henson wins. His teacher, Mrs. Cox, won her $25 in the classroom.
  • Red Bay’s Adriana Humphress was second.
  • Egan Raper of Vina received an honorable mention.

fried pie contest

Best taste:

  • Ponda fur, apple pie.
  • Sarah Seaham, apple pie, cherry pie.

Most unusual:

  • Deborah Townsend, 1st for Pineapple, 3rd for Pecan.
  • Destiny Johnson, 2nd in Banana Coconut.
  • Madison Orrick, third for S’mores.
  • Tammy McAlpin, third in cookie batter.

Best in Show:


  • Miss Founders Fest: Emma Nichols, daughter of Richard and Leigh Ann Nichols
  • Baby Mr. Founders Fest: Oliver Sitton, son of Sean and Danica Sitton
  • Mr. Founders Fest: Winston Rice, Son of William Rice and Angel Rice
  • Baby Miss Founders Fest: Penelope Gasings, daughter of Alina and Dontavius ​​Gasings
  • Toddler Miss Founders Fest: Paisley – Kate Oliver, daughter of Darren and Ashley Oliver
  • Tiny Miss Founders Fest: Piper White, Daughter of Patrick White and Amber White
  • Mini Miss Founders Fest: Scarlett Epperson, daughter of Justin and Alanis Epperson
  • Little Miss Founders Fest: Hannah Jones, daughter of Jonathan and Victoria Jones
  • Petit Miss Founders Fest: Audrey Watts, daughter of Zach and Melissa Hall
  • Preteen Miss Founders Fest: Seagan Wilson, daughter of Cody and Courtney Wilson
  • Teen Miss Founders Fest: Amelia Tooley, daughter of Misty Thomas