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inTEST Corporation Demonstrates Revolutionary SCAiLX™ Zoom Block Camera Technology at Vision 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany

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MT. Laurel, NJ–(business wire) — inTEST Corporation (NYSE American: INTT) provides innovative test and process solutions for manufacturing and testing in key target markets including automotive, defense/aerospace, industrial, life sciences, security, and semiconductors. announced that it is a global supplier of Today we are introducing the all-new SCAiLX zoom block camera developed by Videology, an inTEST Company in the Process Technologies division. Powered by SCAiLX technology, the Zoom Block camera is the first product on the market to include custom AI (artificial intelligence) on the Edge platform. Videology will be demonstrating his SCAiLX camera at the Vision 2022 trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. The largest imaging event of its kind in Europe, the show runs from October ~October 6th.

Scott Nolen, Division President of inTEST Process Technologies, said:We are excited to introduce the SCAiLX Zoom Block Camera to the imaging industry. SCAiLX is an example of our commitment to innovation and our passion for new product development, especially in artificial intelligence. ”

Videology’s breakthrough in Edge AI imaging solutions led to the development of SCAiLX. Designed, engineered and developed entirely in-house by Videology, SCAiLX is a breakthrough in product design architecture. The SCAiLX sits on a 42mm x 42mm NXP i.MX Plus or Mini SoM with many connectivity features. It comes with ideal SWaP and is very cost effective. Combined with Videology’s 10x to 40x Zoom Block cameras, the SCAiLX AI on edge platform can be used for ANPR/LPR, traffic/crowd surveillance, pipe inspection, robotic crawlers/UAVS/submersibles, machine vision sorting/surveillance It can be used in various industrial applications such as .

The SCAiLX zoom block camera will be available to customers in limited quantities in Q2 2023. More products are expected to ship in the second half of 2023. Nolen points out:SCAiLX technology offers advanced solutions for existing and future customers and offers great opportunities for many smart applications, Industry 4.0 implementations, and more. Additionally, he is proud of his team of talented engineers working at Videology’s Center of Engineering Excellence in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Their embedded AI design and extension to optical zoom block cameras is a significant engineering achievement in Videology’s pursuit of innovation leadership. ”

For more information on SCAiLX technology, please visit Videology’s website at

About Intest Co., Ltd.

inTEST Corporation is a global supplier of innovative test and process solutions for manufacturing and testing in key target markets including automotive, defense/aerospace, industrial, life sciences, security, and both front-end and back-end is. of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Backed by decades of engineering expertise and a culture of operational excellence, inTEST solves customers’ toughest thermal, mechanical and electronic challenges around the world while generating strong cash flow and profitability. inTEST’s strategy is to leverage these strengths to grow organically, making acquisitions through the addition of innovative technologies, deeper and broader geographic reach, and market expansion. For more information, please visit

About Videology

Videology is a designer of industrial grade embedded video cameras, related devices and systems. Videology cameras are used in a wide variety of applications including biomedical devices, life sciences, aerospace and diagnostic imaging. Videology specializes in meeting the custom requirements of OEMs and large integrators and excels in integrating his industry-proven CMOS sensors, interfaces, and cutting-edge designs.