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Golf Entertainment Center, Macdonald Eye Building in Timnas

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A fast food giant and a gigantic golf entertainment center have submitted early plans to build in a high-traffic area of ​​Timnas.

McDonald’s, along with the outdoor recreation and golf entertainment centers, submitted a concept review application to the town’s planning department in late August, early in the formal development review process.

In May, rumors leaked that Topgolf was interested in building a golf entertainment center on a gravel lot on Costco’s western edge, south of Costco.

Topgolf was not named in the conceptual application, but Timnath has been seeking a popular golf center for months, with a potential incentive package that includes a 50% reduction in permits, construction and impact fees. offers. A 20-year excise tax contribution that is one-third of the current 3% excise tax. Speeding up the qualification process townwide, according to a December letter from Timnas Mayor Mark Soukup to Top Golf real estate manager Jonathan Torensky.