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Attracting Greeks, Austrians, Germans and Swedes to winter tourism

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ATHENS – Despite the COVID-19 pandemic waning, 2022, set to be Greece’s record-breaking tourism year, has been extended into winter, with Austrians, Germans and Swedes especially Coming with enthusiasm, it will be a year-round attraction.

Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikirias said Greece benefits from offering year-round attractions and attracting pensioners from Northern Europe who want to escape the harsh winters and possible energy shortages.

According to, Austrians are showing even more interest in Greece over the summer and more air connections between the two countries could lead to more arrivals to Greece, he said. said.

During a visit to Austria, Kikirias met with the country’s Minister of Tourism, Suzanne Claus Winkler, who said Austria and Vienna were particularly attractive to Greeks who wanted to experience attractions in the cold winter.

On an official visit to Austria, Minister Kikirias, together with her counterpart Suzanne Kikirias, said arrivals from organized travel packages had increased by 15% this year compared to a record-breaking 2019 and could be exceeded this year. said there is

“Compared to 2019, it shows more than 50% of Austrian arrivals to Crete and more than 20% to Rhodes … also from the Austrian side, new destinations in Greece I am very much interested in meeting you,” he said.

He said this year’s success so far in Greece, which has attracted global attention, and endless arrivals have created a “strong magnet” for Austria and other markets.

He and Winkler signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the field of tourism, including themes such as sports, agriculture and welfare, and Greece intends to keep attracting more Austrians.

Germany’s leading travel market players expect Greece to remain attractive in autumn and winter with its offerings beyond beaches, sun, sand and islands.

Kikilias has held a series of meetings with German airlines and tour operators to keep things rolling over the winter, the site said in a report.

He met with heads of Lufthansa Group, Eurowings, Condor and Der Turistic, noting that Greece has outperformed other countries in attracting tourists after essentially lifting pandemic health measures.

He said Greece was the only EU member state to secure travel packages until the end of the year and to attract airline interest to expand flights in winter not only in major cities but across the country.

He noted that Lufthansa Group airlines have offered more than 14,000 flights to Greece this summer, and the Greece Travel Page (GTP), at a meeting with Lufthansa and Eurowings executives and government officials, said Germany highlighted what Greece has to offer to its visitors.

GTO also reported that the Swedes have come in winter to be relieved from the long, dark and cold days and that Greece’s tourism ministry has another slogan for them: More Than The Eye Can See.