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10 Surprising Female Anime Ruined By Endings

From fans to creators, the female anime community is extremely underserved. The unpopular demographic is severely lacking support and attention from the anime industry as a whole. not.

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Female anime feels like a breath of fresh air.It’s mature, nuanced, and takes time to unfold all the plot points naturally. This is a common trend in most female anime. But a handful of anomalies slip through, and what was once an amazing series is unfairly spoiled by a not-so-amazing ending.

Ten Nana may have been a powerful and inspiring example of friendship

seven A story of two girls who find solace in each other when they get lost in Tokyo together. Strangers to the city, life, and each other, both Nana develop a deep bond as the series progresses. The most painful thing that didn’t happen was their slowly deteriorating friendship.

one of the most realistic anime seven Lean into the darker parts of each character’s mind without dramatizing it. The bittersweet ending sees Nana K. watching the fireworks with her wistfulness, awaiting Nana O.’s questionable return.

9 Hakuoki teases a happy ending that never comes

of HakuoukiHijikata was first introduced as a strict person and callous to all but his companions. At heart, the two share a deep bond, and the audience is content with every little interaction.

Most have speculated that Hijikata’s flashbacks hinted at a sweeter-smelling ending. However beautiful they may be, they symbolize ephemeral beauty, birth and death. Hijikata’s death hits Chizuru hard. Viewers can only imagine how a girl with no parents or friends would feel after losing the life she had saved.

8 Nodame Cantabile ending is satisfying at best, unsatisfying at worst

It’s not uncommon for fandoms to have extremely divided opinions about a particular story arc.for Nodame Cantabile, it was an above or below average one has extreme emotions Nodame Cantabile As for the ending, the overall consensus is that it’s disappointing.

Nodame Cantabile Her mature approach to romance has made her one of the finest living women in the industry. The banality of Nodame and Chiaki’s random physical contact makes their relationship more real. Here’s why. After a well-paced relationship, the couple’s final episode feels like three episodes shoved into one without a proper ending.

7 Honey and Clover ruins a strong 1st season with a 2nd season

frontier of adults honey and clover It appeals greatly to the target audience. Everyone in their twenties struggles with suddenly stepping into the real world, and the tense aura of the end of a college career adds to its relevance.

season 1 honey and clover It concludes with a strong symbolism of a four-leaf clover by Takemoto’s bike. Throughout the episode, Takemoto talks about life through beautiful analogies. He travels to meet new people and doesn’t realize how much everything he’s left behind means to him another wholesome season that audiences can come when they need it. instead of providing honey and clover Season 2 robs viewers of a compelling ending and undermines the overall appeal of the show.

6 Servamp’s “forgiveness embrace” is pathetic

Nodame Cantabile The ending may be too early, but in Servamp The finale flashes at lightning speed and tremendously bombs the reputation of the show as a whole. Servamp Leaves too many questions in the air.

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countless questions about in Servamp Accepting the ending as the actual finale sets the plot. Viewers are curious about what happened to Sakuya and how Mahiru’s weapon turned into a key. in Servamp The most sinful crime is calling a poor hug an ending.

Five Clannad proves happy endings can be just as devastating as sad ones

If a series plays on the emotions of the viewers like professional sports do, viewers are not expecting a happy ending. Clannad Proving that it can be disappointing.emotional roller coaster Clannad It’s been gaining viewers since the pilot. Every character has a tear arc that opens the floodgates. Many consider this anime his one of the saddest anime in existence.

With a string of heartbreaking deaths, happy endings aren’t fan-prepared. of Clannad The notoriously unexpected happy ending erases all the sad moments that preceded the episode. Fans certainly adore Tomoya and Nagisa’s gathering, but it seems pretty unfair to do so at the expense of tragic events.

Four School Days opens with heavy female elements and ends with a typical dark youth finale

of school days The fandom is split between life-piece anime lovers and twisted psychological warfare lovers.

From the cute first episode of Makoto who falls in love with Kotoha at first sight, school days It quickly devolves into a harrowing episode involving a severed head, a sliced ​​open uterus, and a hysterical Kotonoha. would have been But as a woman, a terrifying turn of events shatters the heartwarming slice-of-life illusion portrayed at the beginning of the show.

3 Adult Joshi’s anime time last story could have been better

adult girl anime time is an anthology anime that shines the spotlight on women who are at a turning point in their lives. Even with the anime’s trademark dramatic monologues, the show’s narration and flow still has a cute-feminine vibe, with the exception of the final bunch.

Many seem to agree that the Bookends episode is slightly different in tone than the previous three. Dokoka’s story ends with a moment of self-realization and a conflict with a confused but strong mother. Counterattacks affect the entire anime.

2 07-Ghost’s short airtime killed its true potential

associated with classics such as Code Geass is highly rated. 07-Ghost It had great potential. With a strong fan base, 07-Ghost It has had three seasons with plenty of media attention. But ending it before the manga’s definitive finale was its biggest mistake.

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Crafting its own ending, the anime abruptly cuts Teito’s journey through District 7 short.I didn’t allow the finale 07-Ghost Lives up to its true potential, unanswered questions drag it down from its staggering splendor.

1 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju shows that it only takes minutes to screw something up

Awards for a near-perfectly executed anime ruined by the ending Showa Genroku rakugo suicideA compelling storyline and elegant animation create an engaging anime with a harrowing level of beauty. Their character development is one of the best in the industry.

The first season’s worldbuilding was great, and the second season was just as poised. just minutes before the finish line Showa Genroku rakugo suicide It tarnishes an otherwise supreme reputation by revealing indefensible facts about Konatsu’s son. provoked severe criticism.

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