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10 Great Movies That Had A Decade Gap Between Them And Their Remakes

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Sometimes not much time passes between the original movie and its remake or reboot. However, sometimes remakes happen decades after the movie was released.

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When this happens it can be a fascinating event. The evolution of storytelling and filmmaking techniques, and the entirely different context surrounding the making of the reboot, has resulted in a similarity to its predecessor ( scarface) or a completely different experience with its own charm (like mummy).

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“True Grit” (1969 and 2010)

It’s more like a second adaptation of the novel of the same name than a remake of the movie, Charles Portisin both versions, true grit It’s a fun western about a teenage farm girl who sets out to catch her father’s killer with the help of the toughest US Marshal she can find.

41 years apart, the two films have many similarities.For example, the overall layout of the plot and the talented cast, the former John Wayne When Robert Duvallstars like the latter Jeff Bridges When Hailee SteinfeldBut the Coen Brothers (who directed the remake) crafted a grim, distinctive tone that makes their version of the story a much different experience and one of the best westerns of the 21st century.

“Planet of the Apes” (1968 and 2001) and “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” (2011)

original planet of the apes starring Charlton Heston Arguably one of the best sci-fi movies of the ’60s, it’s a captivating tale about a team of astronauts who crash-land on a planet where apes are the dominant species.

Tim Burton Thirty-three years later, he directed a widely hated remake, Rupert Wyattreboot/prequel rise of the planet of the apes Almost as popular as the original, it sparked a successful trilogy. Despite their differences, all three films have something for everyone. Even Burton’s version is very impressive in mask and makeup.

The Jungle Book (1967, 2016)

based on the book of Rudyard Kiplingboth Disney versions jungle book A boy named Mowgli, raised by wolves in the jungle, embarks on a journey of self-discovery while escaping from bloodthirsty tigers.

Disney’s practice of remaking beloved animated classics in live action has become increasingly controversial, but it’s hard to deny that in 2016. jungle book It turned out great. It captured the magic and charm of the original and put a darker, more mature spin on it a whopping 49 years after its introduction.

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“Scarface” (1932 and 1983)

in both iterations, scarface We see an ambitious and violent gangster climb the ladder of success in the mafia, but his weakness slowly becomes his downfall.

1932 version of the director’s film howard hawks It’s a thoughtful and violent film about the rise and fall of complex characters that are astounding and criminally underrated.of Brian De Palma But 51 years later, the remake has outdone itself and become a must-see cult classic. Al Pacinobest performance.

“Nosferatu” (1922) and “Nosferatu the Vampire” (1979)

Unauthorized adaptation of bram stokerof Draculaboth Nosferatu When vampire Nosferatu, It’s an amazing piece of art about a vampire who takes an interest in the young wife of a realtor looking for a new home.

The 1922 version was one of the first horror films ever made and had a lasting impact on the genre that can still be seen today.great german filmmaker Werner Herzog pierced the story 57 years later, but both versions are spooky and haunting films led by one of the scariest horror movie protagonists of all time.

“West Side Story” (1961 and 2021)

Based on the Broadway musical of the same name. William Shakespeareof Romeo and Juliet, west side story It tells the story of two young men from rival New York gangs who fall in love despite the tensions between their friends.

The original version of the 10-time Oscar-winning film has a much more colorful and theatrical feel, Steven SpielbergThe 60-year-later remake (the director’s first foray into the musical genre) brought a gritty, more raw feel to the story, characters, and visuals. Both versions are equally a must-see for movie buffs.

“Seven Samurai” (1954) and “The Magnificent Seven” (1960, 2016)

Japanese writer Akira Kurosawa He made several masterpieces, but probably none that were so highly regarded. seven samuraia film about a group of samurai who are recruited to protect a village from violent bandits.

The narrative backbone has been imitated and honored many times in film and television.Perhaps most notably his 1960 Magnificent SevenTake the basic plot of seven samurai And bring it into the Western genre. The film is a remake of Kurosawa’s masterpiece 62 years after him. Sure he’s not as rated as the 1960 version, but both are fun and engaging.

“Mummy” (1932 and 1999)

starring frankensteinof Boris Karloff1932 black and white version mummy It’s about an Egyptian mummy searching Cairo for a girl she thinks is her lost princess.

Being one of the beloved Universal monster movie classics, it’s going to be hard to top. mummy In terms of popularity, though, 67 years later came the eponymous remake starring Brendan Fraser When Rachel WeiszIts cult-classic status has risen over the years as audiences have been enamored with its incredibly fun twist on the amazing 1932 story.

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“King Kong” (1933, 1976, 2005)

The tale of king kong A film crew discovers a giant prehistoric ape and takes him back to New York, where he wreaks havoc.

The creativity and passion of the 1933 original helped it age like a fine wine. peter jacksonversion of the story (which is one of his best), with stunning visuals and a more interesting story.

“A Star Is Born” (1937, 1954, 1976, 2018)

A movie that’s been remade three times sounds like a clichéd idea quickly, but you can find something to your liking in each version. birth of a starthe story of an artist helping a young woman achieve fame while his career is in a downward spiral due to age and addiction.

The original was a self-aware critique of Hollywood. The 1954 version is a deeply complex moving and meditative tale. The 1976 remake, while arguably the weakest, has some great performances. And the latest retelling of the film, released 81 years after the original, raises expectations in almost every way to deliver a beautiful yet poignant tale of addiction and love. , which has sometimes proven to be a very good idea.

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